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All pitch decks are developed according to your exact specifications. See more information below.

My Simple & Easy Process

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After you’ve selected a pitch deck package, you submit payment. Once payment is submitted, I will confirm receipt of payment and we will schedule our initial consultation within 24 hours. The time now starts ticking, and your pitch deck will be delivered 7 days from the time you make payment.    

1st of 3 Consultations

In our optional first consultation, we review my pitch deck questionnaire. You may fill out this questionnaire and send it to me to speed up the process (It was designed to take less than 15 minutes ). If not, I have a phone call with you to get the answers myself. This is considered our first consultation. Take a deep breathe, we are almost done. 

Pitch Deck in 7 Days

7 days after you’ve made the payment, I deliver the pitch deck. Following this, we have our second consultation. In this consultation we will go over the the pitch deck and make sure it is on track. You make comments and suggest revisions, if needed.

Follow Up

We have a third consultation to go over any additional revisions that are needed and to make sure you are happy. You have 14 days to come back to me from the time I deliver the final plan for any reason to revise the pitch deck.

My Past Clients

As an experienced business professional, I understand the importance of having a compelling pitch deck to help you raise money with potential investors.

What is a Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck, also known as a slide deck or deck, is a visual presentation that provides investors with an overview of your business idea or opportunity. A great pitch deck can help you to capture the attention of potential investors, open their minds to your vision and get them excited to know more about your business. It is a powerful tool that can help you to raise the funds you need to make your business a success.

My Approach

I believe that every pitch deck should be unique and tailored to the specific needs of the entrepreneur and their business. I work closely with my clients to understand their business objectives and create a customized pitch deck that effectively communicates their message to potential investors.

I take a strategic approach to pitch deck development, ensuring that the content is clear, concise and visually engaging. My pitch decks are designed to stand on their own, without the need for a live presentation. They tell a story, are visual and typically consist of 10-13 slides. I include just enough information to grab the interest of potential investors, but not so much that it overwhelms or confuses them.

In addition to pitch deck development, I also offer a range of other business services, including website development, social media marketing and management, private placement memorandums, operating agreements and more.

Why Choose Me?

With over a decade of experience in the business sector, Nicholas Coriano has assisted numerous entrepreneurs in securing funding through the development of effective pitch decks. He possesses an in-depth understanding of investor expectations and excels in creating pitch decks that are compelling, engaging, and impactful. His dedication to his craft and commitment to his clients’ success are unwavering. Nicholas works closely with clients to ensure their pitch decks accurately reflect their business vision and remains available to provide support and answer questions throughout the process.

If you are prepared to elevate your business and secure funding with an expertly crafted pitch deck, please contact Nicholas Coriano. He would be honored to collaborate with you in achieving your business objectives.

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